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 10-year Warranty

As indicated in the following prospectus, X-Treme products are guaranteed against malfunctions due to material or construction defects for a specified period of time after the initial date of purchase. In case of a bad fault during the guarantee cover period, the product will be repaired or replaced (at the discretion of the producer) at no extra charge.

Transport costs and related risks, losses during transit to authorized service centers must be paid by the client. The product will be returned to the client via carriage forward.

Guarantee conditions

The equipment is covered under guarantee for the primary user based on laws in force.
The guarantee lasts for 10 years after receipt of the product, and covers the parts of the loudspeaker cabinet for production material or mechanical faults recognized by X-Treme.
The loudspeakers and components are guaranteed against malfunction owing to material defects, or cases of factory liquidation for a period of 5 years after receiving the goods. The guarantee does not cover “burnt coils” or damage resulting from incorrect interventions of the loudspeaker systems.
The electronics are covered for 3 years following the receipt of the product.
The accessories are guaranteed against failure due to material or production faults for a period of 10 years from the date the goods are received.
The hardware (including the hardware inside the speakers and the hardware used to suspend the systems) is guaranteed against material or production defects for 10 years after receipt of the goods.
In some cases, X-Treme reserves the right to decide to replace this equipment with another of the same or a similar model. A guarantee extension will be invalid in case of breakage.
The guarantee does not provide compensation for any kind of direct or indirect damage to persons or objects due to the eventual wear and tear of the apparatus.

Exclusions and restrictions

The guarantee does not cover:
- fittings or external surfaces, aesthetic parts or any electric or electronic parts which have been damaged through negligence, misuse or improper use of the product;
- malfunction owing to the misuse or improper use of the product, or transport without appropriate caution;
- malfunction following repairs carried out by unauthorized staff or service centers;
- malfunction due to circumstances which cannot be attributed to the equipment’s manufacturing defects;
- glass or plastic parts, lamps and similar items, as well as what can be considered as normal wear and tear. Whereas, for circuit components, (transistors, diodes, etc...) the general conditions set out by the producers themselves remain valid.

The guarantee also excludes:
- accidental damages, changes made to the product or negligence, improper connection;
- damages caused in transit;
- damages owing to the incorrect use of the instructions manual;
- complaints based on false declarations on the part of the salesperson and any product whose serial number has been cancelled, altered or removed.

How to obtain the guarantee service
In order to have repairs carried out on the product under guarantee or to have it substituted, the client should return the product to an authorized X-Treme service center, carriage paid and in the original packaging, along with proof of purchase: receipt, VAT receipt or invoice.

A list of these centers can be requested by writing to:
- X-TREME “After Sales Service” -
via Monti Urali, 33
42100 Reggio Emilia - Italy
Tel.: +39 0522 594024
E-mail: service@x-tremeaudio.com

The only services provided to the customer are repair, replacement and return. X-Treme cannot be held responsible for accidental damages, either direct or indirect, including damages to people, objects or loss of use.

Costs charged to X-Treme

X-Treme will cover all labor costs and materials necessary to carry out the repairs under guarantee.
The original packaging must be retained; failure to do so could result in the cost being charged to the client. The original invoice must be presented in order to provide evidence of the date of purchase.
The product must not be sent to the establishment without prior authorization. In case of difficulty in returning the goods, the service center should be informed of this, so that it can organize the return within a given timescale.
Otherwise, the purchaser will be responsible for the transportation, organization and any delivery costs.

Limitations of the enclosed guarantees

The duration of all of these guarantees is limited to the current one, including the salability and suitability for particular functions.
With the exception of some cases, X-Treme’s responsibility for damaged goods is limited to repairs or replacements of products found damaged, at its own discretion, and is not liable to pay compensation for any accidental or direct damage whatsoever.
In the event of any controversy, the sole Competent Legal Authority is the Law Court of Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy


This equipment conforms to the Ministerial Decree standards dated 9/10/1980 (EEC directive n. 76/889) related to the control of radio disturbance.

Download 2009 X-Treme Warranty [PDF] (3.7 MB)

The true guarantee offered by each X-Treme product is the passion for reliable sound reproduction, which links every member of staff”.
Paolo Martignon - Senior Research Worker and XTI Software Designer.

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