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"Hi! My name is XT4U ("X-Treme for You") and I am your interactive guide to X-Treme products, the division at Sound Corporation group that focuses on designing and manufacturing professional SR systems for concerts, "live" events or any other occasion where live music is played, indoors or outdoors. Can you spare me a couple of minutes of your precious time to answer a few short questions about your business and about the products you're interested in? This will help me to create a tailor-made offer for you (a "complete" system configuration) that will make you understand which X-Treme PA or SR system is the best match for you. But remember one thing: I'm not infallible (but I'm working on it!), so it is always a good idea to contact one of my bosses in X-Treme Audio's sales team, for confirmation or adjustment of what I suggest, to be sure you're getting the best option.
That's enough talk: let's get on with the questions!
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