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X-Treme is a brand on the rise in the professional audio sector for “touring, P.A. and portable sound systems”. As you can see from our international distribution network, there are some countries, even in the most industrialized areas of the planet which, despite presenting installations (and therefore clients), are not covered either by mono or multi-mandatory agents/distributors bound by an exclusive contract to the company.

The following section reports some macro initiatives, ideas and proposals offered by X-Treme (benefits) and the duties it expects from its dealers/distributors operating in various parts of the world; many distributors have already taken on these projects, quickly reaching level III (only 2 years after the collaboration began) and achieving enormous success both outside its working environment (in customer relations and its image) and within the organization (technical core competence and staff motivation).

The table shows how it is possible to reach the different levels of partnership, starting from standard initiatives for agents in the professional audio sector, to get to a higher level of operational and technological integration.

  Partnership Benefits Duties
Low 1. Technical and business courses run by managers of the various X-Treme departments at the headquarters.

2. Catalogues, brochures, manuals and technical documents in English.

3. Gadgets and free promotional material.
1. Creation of own website for the purpose of promoting and selling X-Treme products.

2. Demo Room demonstration with at least one configuration for each X-Treme line (Linear Source Array, Classic, etc).

3. Compilation of a Sales list, indicating potential clients within the territory.
Medium 1. Opening of a credit or leasing contract in order to make purchases flexibly, using various payment methods. 2. Participation of X-Treme and its sales staff at trade fairs within the sector, in the distributor’s country of origin. If there are no specialized exhibitions in the audio sector in the country of origin, there may be the possibility to organize a tailor-made event.

3. Organization of technical-commercial seminars in the distribution area, with the objective of technical “growth” and eventual new product presentations.

1. Production of technical catalogues and brochures in the distributor's language (X-Treme often shares the cost of this with its own quota).

2. Set-up of an “on the roadsound reinforcement system that allows clients to put it through a listening test.

3. Identification and nomination of sub-retailers (from 3 upwards, according to the market dimensions in the country of origin) which operate in the country’s largest cities and aim to reach a widely established presence throughout their territory and follow the local audio market needs more closely.

High 1. Sponsorship of events, performances, festivals, specific clubs etc on the distributor’s premises, to promote the brand and the collaboration between both organizations, using products and suitable equipment. 2. Sound technology alignment: the provision of hardware and software tools to calculate, simulate and design sound reinforcement systems in different environments.

3. Participation in international trade fairs, with all costs covered by the company.

1. Planning and calculation of an annual purchasing budget, which should be adhered to strictly, with the assistance of X-Treme’s export sales staff.

2. Advertising in magazines within the distributor's market, using appropriate methods and terminology in each case.

3. Creation of a national commercial network (sub-dealers and representative clients).

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