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 "Made in Italy"

Every product of the X-Treme brand is entirely designed, produced and tested in Italy: each business function - R&D, production, assembly, quality control, sales, information technology, marketing etc - is based in Italy and carried out by highly competent engineers, technicians and personnel qualified through a working process based on solid principles of employee involvement, training and responsibility of all staff members.

Significant investments in research & development, collaborations with the Universities of Parma and Bologna, and partnerships with recognized companies such as key innovator in the Electronic Area have made it possible to consolidate the role that X-Treme Audio has had ever since its foundation: a business unit dedicated to creating technologically advanced systems. This is thanks to the achievement of important objectives, both from the viewpoints of technical design and economic-industrial results. From research & development to design, and from production to logistics: all the activities making it possible for the product to progress from “AS IS” to “TO BE” (that means from System Design to Mass Production) can be considered “state of the art” in the audio field, thanks to a socio-technical system (people, structures, processes) which is completely Italian.

“Today, we can proudly confirm that we are one of the very few businesses in the market to successfully manage the entire production line within our own company
Andrea Croce
- Regional Sales Manager

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