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Products of the X-Treme brand widely differ from those offered by other - Italian or international - manufacturers operating in professional audio for the “concert&touring sound” sector due to many aspects: first of all, it can be said that the performance and efficiency levels of X-Treme products have reached standards that are difficult to meet for other competitors on the market. Secondly, it must be observed that these excellent technical results are part of the winning design lines, quality and indisputable reliability of the components, not to mention the practical and ergonomic suspension systems, which make the installation of complicated line arrays or traditional sound reinforcement a quick and safe operation.

Last but not least, the selling price of X-Treme products, from the Linear Source Array to the Monitor Line, is an authentic added value for all customers who have been able to listen to the products and test their qualities on the field. In fact, such competitive prices are reached through an efficient planning foundation, choices “without compromising control costing” in components used, efficient methods of production (lean manufacturing) and above all, a working process able to take advantage of both heterogeneous abilities (thanks to the vertical integration of the business activities) and exclusive know how developed from the core competences of the technical and design staff, who have no rivals on the European professional audio market.

"To win in the age of hypercompetition, it is necessary to be completely different from the rest. There are three successful key factors: being different, being different, and being different"
Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

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