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Linear Source Array  

The Linear Source Array audio system has  been  designed  by
X-Treme engineers to provide the highest sound performance for concerts, shows and other musical events held in large venues such as stadiums, arenas and so on.
The XTLSA speaker is a three-way passive line array system made up of one 12” woofer, two 6” mid-range loudspeakers and two 1” ...

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The MISI™ (MIddle-SIzed line array) audio system contains all the know-how acquired by the X-Treme SBU (Strategic Business Unit).
The entire organization has always aimed to build the best loudspeaker systems available in professional audio and special efforts have been made to design this sound reinforcement system.
This is recognizable in any of its characteristics: the high sustainable ...

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Mini Line Array  

The ultra-compact Mini Line Array is a three-way sound system suited to theatres and live performances which offers all the advantages of “linear source” technology thanks to the advanced wave-guide horn loading.
This product line offers four models of loudspeaker systems, with an intentionally large number of applications, ranging from single speakers right through to array systems ...

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Monitor Line  

A good stage monitor has several basic requirements: constant directivity, wide coverage, feedback control, a pleasant appearance, stability (we all know how musicians like to let loose on stage!) and lightness (sound engineers need to reduce their efforts and quite rightly so!). During the design of the new Monitor Line (models: XTMON12 and XTMON15, 450 and 500 W ...

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Classic Line  

The Classic Line speakers have undergone a careful restyling, in keeping with the company’s philosophy for continuous improvement (kaizen): the wood thickness of Canadian birch plywood has been reduced from 19 to 15 mm and the 4 wheels have been removed from the rear of the cabinet. They are particularly suitable for use in musical performances held in open spaces, ...

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It is not always easy to follow one's inner voice, but it is the best way to take sides and to assert oneself. This principle applies to human relationships, but it can be also applied to sound reinforcement systems. The choice of a quality system, both in external environments and in fixed installations, deserves a product line with unique and special ...

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Deflector Line  

The new Deflector Line fully encapsulates the ambitious design parameters that the X-Treme engineers defined during the system design phase, thanks to the important collaboration with several sound technicians, musicians and mere music lovers, who collaborate with the company's R&D department daily.
Above all, the design staff set the target of obtaining a line of products that had to ...

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High Power Subwoofers  

Rather than developing a product merely to achieve a beautiful design (which often does not guarantee a high quality reproduced sound) or to follow some production efficiency criteria, the X-Treme designers created the High Power Subwoofers only taking into account the functionality of these products and their final application: reproducing ultra-low frequencies with unparalleled efficiency and performance in the professional ...

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