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It is not always easy to follow one's inner voice, but it is the best way to take sides and to assert oneself. This principle applies to human relationships, but it can be also applied to sound reinforcement systems. The choice of a quality system, both in external environments and in fixed installations, deserves a product line with unique and special contents: the X-ONE series.
Its very name tells us about the extremely innovative character of this line: in a few words, the XTO model (2-way, full range, 800 W RMS) can be defined as the first single point arrayable multi-purpose source in the professional audio sector.
This definition contains all the distinctive characteristics of this amazing element:
1. the presence of a coaxial component which, by reproducing the low and medium-high frequencies from a single physical point in space (single point source), generates a uniform and coherent emission of the whole musical program within a 60° solid angle (sound image cone).
This technical solution leads to an excellent sonic accuracy, particularly in the midrange where an outstanding clarity of the voice and soloist instruments can be noticed;
2. an extreme effectiveness in modularity (arrayable): a number of multi-way traditional sources (required for power or coverage purposes) often generate phenomena of destructive interferences or aliasing in frequency, while the X-ONE speaker systems, thanks to their innovative axis configuration, incorporate woofers and tweeters which are coherent with each other;
3. a marked polyvalence (multi-purpose): the X-ONE loudspeaker systems, being small-sized and very compact, can be used both in small environments such as bars and hotels and in larger settings such as sports halls, theatres, auditoria, etc… with a timbre and sound quality which is always above the current standards for this market segment.

Flying Clusters

From the early design phase, the X-Treme engineers use to develop better techniques to turn the assembly of the various systems into a fast and safe operation.
The X-ONE line suspending accessories were created with the specific purpose of making the installers' work easier.
In particular, by exploiting the great versatility of the different elements, the X-Treme designers provided 2 different solutions for suspending the XTO and XTOS speakers, depending on their intended use. As a rule, the first system (the “fixed” one) is used for fixed installations to create horizontal sets of speakers in which the inclination between the elements is adjustable, while the second system (called “quick-fly”) can be used to create vertical clusters in just a short period, which are mostly suitable for touring musical events.

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