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 After-sales Service

The X-Treme service centre is responsible for the maintenance and function of the sound management systems - from the speakers to the electronic equipment, accessories, etc… - and the related organizational and management activities with the aim of pursuing tasks such as professionalism, diligence and efficiency.
The warehouse keeps a wide range of components in stock, providing a fast repair service to meet the needs of any kind of demanding customer.

The X-Treme
Technical Office has provided the following information regarding maintenance/service on the following equipment:


(= the cumulative probability that, during the mission interval T, the unit will perform its function correctly without breakdown.

Fig. 1 Diagram showing Reliability trends (R(T)) in function over time

Loudspeaker systems:
after 3 years:
96% ;
after 5 years:
92% ;
after 10 years:
after 2 years:
83% ;
after 5 years:
after 2 years:
97% ;
after 5 years:

Failure Rate
(= the probability of the unit breaking down while functioning at a time of T=0 in the interval T+dT - infinitesimal -, is conditioned by the fact that the component is working at time T)

Loudspeaker systems:
4 units/month (on a production of approx. 1000 units/month);
12 units/month (on a production of approx. 500 units/month);

6 units/month (on approx. 2000 units/month installed).

MTTF (Mean Time To Failure)
Loudspeaker systems:
~ 6 years (approx. 4000 hours of use);
~ 3.2 years;
~ 2.8 years.

FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis)
From business data based on approximately 6.000 X-Treme products of the latest generation, the rare faults/breakdowns have been linked to the following equipment:

- loudspeaker systems: the failure dynamics have mostly regarded the tweeter membranes and their corresponding protection circuits. The fault reports stated that this type of damage was caused by incorrect use of the speakers, inappropriate use of amplifier power, inadequate power pack, Larsen effects on microphones, etc…

electronics: the malfunction involved the driver and power amps. The causes were identified as incorrect electrical power supply and scarce system ventilation. Because of this latter issue, an initial under-dimensioning while the internal ventilators were in use, insufficient cleaning of the cooler on the part of the client/user, as indicated in the instructions manual, has been added;

cabinets: only accidental breakages;

accessories: the faults identified were of the Linear Source Array handles which, due to prolonged use and knocks, prevented the suspension system from working properly. Following the fault report, the design department immediately reconfigured the accessory, and it no longer causes problems of any kind.

Service policy

The X-Treme Service Department services and repairs X-Treme products in its service centre in Reggio Emilia - Italy, at the Sound Corporation group headquarters.
Under the supervision of Mr. Giuseppe Pè, the highly skilled technical staff carry out repairs on every X-Treme component, for instance loudspeakers, drivers, amplifiers, etc….
X-Treme is committed to providing a fast assistance request service. To ensure a quick response, the help centre personnel have set out some procedures to follow, in order to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Once a product fault has been identified, the following steps may be followed:
1. Contact the X-Treme help center (at the address below);
2. Follow the instructions given by the qualified staff in the after-sales department, who will make a guided self-diagnosis of the product in question;
3. If the problem still remains, there are two methods to be followed:
a) appropriate spare parts can be sent (under certain conditions it is possible to request a replacement product)
b) the process of sending the units to the X-Treme help centre can begin.

s: the items/units must be sent using adequate packaging, in order to avoid these suffering damage during transportation.
Goods damaged in transit will not be considered by the warranty. In any case, the rules in the warranty folder included with every X-Treme product remain valid, and for repairs under guarantee it is also necessary to enclose a copy of the original sales receipt, VAT receipt or invoice. If the item is covered by the warranty, transport costs incurred in returning the units will be paid by X-Treme.

 - X-Treme Service Department -
via Monti Urali, 33
42100 Reggio Emilia - Italy
Tel: +39 0522 594024


"You can’t make a Jumbo land on an aircraft carrier!"
Giuseppe Pè
- X-Treme After Sales Manager

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