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 Sound Corporation group

The X-Treme Audio headquarters and main R&D plant are located in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The company is part of the Sound Corporation group, a union of enterprises that lies vertically along the economic chain of the production process, which is typical of the highly competitive professional audio market.

These businesses, which operate using a co-design and benchmarking logic, directly control famous brands such as Peecker sound (leader in the “fixed installations and clubs” sector for over 30 years, with over two thousand sound reinforcement installations and an international distribution network) and XTE (which mainly deals with “commercial sound”). They can also rely on their highly specialized engineers and technicians, who look into each problem related to the prevention and the decontamination of pollution caused by sound and vibrations, perform acoustic studies of every kind of sound source, coordinate metrological activities and run research, method and trial laboratories.

A project team, with the help of dedicated hardware and software systems, is responsible for the predisposition of mathematical models and the practice of appropriate calculating systems, designing and building equipment for sound emission control and generation.

Over its forty years of business, the Sound Corporation group has taken out many international patents and has opened thousands of public functions and events. This is the reason why its companies are among the most prestigious throughout Europe in the sound reinforcement field.

It is difficult to tell what the future will hold: while speaking to X-Treme Sales Director, two equally probable lines for the sector’s evolution were mentioned:

A) in Italy, there are attempts to foresee possible developments of the afore-mentioned small clubs: from wine restaurants and internet cafés to the return of music pubs;
at European and international levels, different markets are competing against one another and different strategies are being used: in countries such as Russia, Mexico, Cuba and Eastern European nations, an effort is being made to determine whether or not there are the right social and economic conditions for a boom in the entertainment sector, such as the phenomenon of Italy’s great venues for public entertainment in the late 70s which, unlike today, offered “live” events by famous artists and bands more times per week.

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