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Monitor Line

A good stage monitor has several basic requirements: constant directivity, wide coverage, feedback control, a pleasant appearance, stability (we all know how musicians like to let loose on stage!) and lightness (sound engineers need to reduce their efforts and quite rightly so!). During the design of the new Monitor Line (models: XTMON12 and XTMON15, 450 and 500 W respectively, plus the much requested amplified versions XTMON12/A and XTMON15/A), the X-Treme engineers took the precious suggestions of musicians seriously, creating products with an attractive design, avant-garde components, an on board amplifier with a latest generation DSP and a level of detail and finish reflecting the painstaking attention to detail, which is typical of the X-Treme business unit (a practical example is the X-Treme logo in relief). As well as being a pleasure to look at, the new X-Treme monitors are always stable, literally “anchored to the stage”, in addition to being completely free from vibrations, even at high powers; this is guaranteed both by the special configuration of the chassis in Canadian birch plywood and by its thickness - no less than 18 mm.
The choice to use absolutely reliable quality audio components, with no compromises or restrictions in cost, has brought the efficiency of these products to the top of their range, thanks also to the use of a coaxial loudspeaker in neodymium with titanium tweeter, 3’’ coil and 80° dispersion angle. What is more, the crossover network of passive speakers minimizes the phase rotations and is made up of air coils, high insulation capacitors and armoured resistors with aluminium heat sinks.

Powered Monitors
The brand new self-powered monitors have an on board power module with switching technology for bi-amplification (800+800 W); it is positioned in a special recess, to avoid any mechanical stress present in the internal volume containing the loudspeaker. The power supplied allows the highest dynamics with absolutely no distortion. The amplifier’s DSP performs remote controls (temperature control, status control, etc…) and acoustic optimization.
Customization can be achieved by the user, choosing between 2 factory presets and by using input equalization, shelving filters and high-pass/low-pass filters to obtain the desired sound. All the equipment is housed in a single speaker, with no need for amplifiers or external processors, racks or connecting cables on the stage.
Both versions, active and passive, implement, either electronically or via signal processing, notch and band elimination filters to counter feedback.

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