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Mini Line Array

The ultra-compact Mini Line Array is a three-way sound system suited to theatres and live performances which offers all the advantages of “linear source” technology thanks to the advanced wave-guide horn loading.
This product line offers four models of loudspeaker systems, with an intentionally large number of applications, ranging from single speakers right through to array systems for open-air locations, all sharing the same basic requirements: mechanical and acoustic compatibility to achieve a precise directivity control. More specifically, both the bi-amplified XTMLA/A module and the active subwoofer XTMLAS/A, are equipped with a digital amplifier based on a high-tech switching technology and fitted with an internal programmable DSP (24 bit /96 kHz) that can be controlled from an external PC thanks to the XT-NET network and its managing software. The different settings of the DSP can be recalled directly by the user with no need for a PC.
The tri-amplifiable passive XTMLA model has a nominal impedance of 16 Ohm and it can be wired in parallel with other 4 loudspeaker systems of the same type to be supplied by a single outer power amplifier. The Mini Line Array system is equipped with a full range of specially designed rigging tools which allow quick and simple deployment in all the intended applications, whether ground supported or flow: the special ESAH suspension system makes setting up an entire line array so easy that it can be accomplished by only one technician. No extra rigging hardware has to be assembled - all necessary equipment is fitted into the cabinet.

The XTMLA element (and the active bi-amplified XTMLA/A one) have been designed for the main purpose of obtaining a wide horizontal and vertical coverage.
This goal has been achieved by a new wave guide for the high section which is capable of producing a 120° coverage on a horizontal plane.
By angling a single wave guide, XTMLA is able to achieve a maximum 15° angle on a vertical plane between each array module. In fact, the corners of the XTMLA's trapezoidal enclosure have been designed to achieve a 2 x 7.5° angle when two loudspeaker systems are coupled.
Thanks to a successful coupling across the audible spectrum, XTMLA generates a coherent wave front on a wide area with very tiny variations in the frequency response and sound pressure level.
The accuracy, the transparency, the great headroom and the flexibility in the approach of the Mini Line Array system to sound reinforcement open up new horizons for the sound system design.

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