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Mini Line Array


A series of PDF (Portable Document Format) files can be found below. They contain the system configurations for various types of speaker installations, as recommended by X-Treme engineers and technicians. In particular, various solutions have been found for each line of products, which differ according to each system application, number and type of units used and, consequently, the total power and the horizontal coverage angle.

For more detailed assistance, the user is advised to contact a member of the X-Treme sales team, who will be able to confirm or modify the standard system configurations presented in this section and to personalize them according to the
customer’s individual needs.

Download X-Treme MLA type alpha [PDF] (368 KB)
Download X-Treme MLA type beta [PDF] (412 KB)
Download X-Treme MLA type gamma [PDF] (447 KB)

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