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Linear Source Array

The Linear Source Array audio system has  been  designed  by
X-Treme engineers to provide the highest sound performance for concerts, shows and other musical events held in large venues such as stadiums, arenas and so on.
The XTLSA speaker is a three-way passive line array system made up of one 12” woofer, two 6” mid-range loudspeakers and two 1” neodymium drivers with a total power of 760 W RMS. XTLSA is a broad band system equipped with loading at low frequencies, which is unique in this category of products. It shows an amazing efficiency at high frequencies, an innovative concept and a horn loaded mid-range confi guration and can be utilized without the subwoofer in several applications.
If an extension is required on the subsonic frequencies, the XTLSA module can be integrated with a ground-aligned or flown-stacked XTLSAS unit, equipped with two high-powered 18” speakers with long range.
Both models are fitted with the innovative certified ESAH flying system, which allows suspended line arrays to be installed quickly and safely.
Because of the specially-designed handles, each unit can be hung easily, by using the 4 XT-PIN which are supplied with each loudspeaker system, without using any other external device (all included).

All the active (self-powered) versions of the X-Treme line array modules (XTLSA/A, XTMISI/A and XTMLA/A) have been configured in bi-amplification, thanks to a 800+800 W RMS on board amplifier with switching supply, which is state-of-the- art in the electronics for audio equipment sector, ensuring great power availability with extremely light weight.
The active double subwoofers (XTLSAS/A, XTMISIS/A and XTMLAS/A) which, being part of the line array range, can be suspended (arrayable), offer a greater performance in terms of the RMS power supplied: they are powered by internal amplifiers made with the same technology, but which are able to supply power of up to 2500 W.
Through the switching supply with an automatic voltage switching, these devices adapt to mains voltages ranging from 115 to 230 VAC.
As in all X-Treme active loudspeaker systems, the power of the amplifier is higher than the RMS power sustained by the transducers; therefore it is associated with suitable limiters to guarantee the highest dynamics in reproducing the most powerful signal peaks.
The internal DSP with a 24 bit/96 kHz audio resolution, available on all models, provides for basic equalization and crossover: these features are pre-established and can be updated using files issued by X-Treme.
Further interventions can be performed directly on each single panel of the amplifier (2 presets are available), while, thanks to PC interface software, full parametric equalization can be set, the gain and speaker delay can be managed, and a noise gate and limiter can be controlled; each active unit is characterized by an ID that allows its remote identifi cation via the XT-NET connection network, thus permitting complete system control, even from a distance.

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