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Classic Line

The Classic Line speakers have undergone a careful restyling, in keeping with the company’s philosophy for continuous improvement (kaizen): the wood thickness of Canadian birch plywood has been reduced from 19 to 15 mm and the 4 wheels have been removed from the rear of the cabinet. They are particularly suitable for use in musical performances held in open spaces, arenas, theatres, sport halls and anywhere live music can be played. The design philosophy of these products is based on optimizing the control of the horizontal and vertical dispersion angle as well as the frequency response linearity, while maintaining the extreme reliability of the whole system under any conditions of use.

The long-throw system represents extraordinary innovation in the field of professional sound systems for great distances. The modern “line array” principles have been applied to traditional systems: the XTLT (X-Treme Long Throw) loudspeaker system does, in fact, integrate the “Classic” configuration. It should be placed on top of the XTH unit, thus generating a “mixed” sound system.
The resulting long-range sound system generates mainly cylindrical rather than spherical waves in the mid and high ranges by vertically arranging various homogeneous sources

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