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XTDP Controllers

The X-Treme XTDP24 and XTDP26 digital processors (which have 2 inputs/4 outputs and 2 inputs/6 outputs, respectively) are professional management systems for speakers and, as such, can be used for stereo configurations up to 2/3 ways or mono up to 4/6 ways. Each input has a 6 band parametric equalizer, a high-pass filter and two shelving filters and delay. Each output can be assigned to the desired input and has a six band parametric equalizer, high-pass and low-pass filters, 2 shelving filters, delay, polarity and limitation threshold. The connection and release times of the limiter are automatically calculated by the processor based on the high-pass cut of the output in use.
The XTDP24 and XTDP26 controllers accept incoming signals up to 20 dBu and, for each of the two channels, they use three LEDs to indicate presence, the attainment of 4 dBu and the clip at 20 dBu. Each exit channel has a button for the “mute” function and also has two LEDs to indicate, respectively, the moment in which the signal reaches the limitation threshold and the one in which, on the other hand, it reaches -6 dBu from it.

The management of the 45 memories and the modification of relative audio parameters can be carried out easily and safely on the panel, thanks to a clear 3.7 inch display and 3 digital knobs.
Control via software permits real time modification of several connected processors, with an interface for advanced control, complete with set frequency response graphs. The used colours and the possibility of using the mouse directly on the curves make the processors very easy and quick to use.
The Hardman high-pass and low-pass filters are particularly avant-garde and enable the user to do very selective cuts (with high slopes) without introducing excessive phase rotation, thus allowing the design of very accurate crossovers. Lastly, the width of the peak bell can be set in Q or octaves, and the delay either in milliseconds or in meters.

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