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XTDT Amplifiers

The new Digital Technology Series amplifiers with class D final stage are available in four models with a choice of powers and numbers of channels. The XTDT3200 and XTDT3800 models have two channels and supply power up to 1600 W and 1900 W, respectively, per channel on 4Ω. The XTDT4800F and XTDT6000F models, on the other hand, have four channels of 1200 W and of 1500 W, respectively, again on 4Ω. All the amplifiers in the XTDT range have been entirely designed in switching technology (both the section of the feeding unit and the power stage) so as to obtain greater power and yield, in a lightweight element, which is inconceivable for traditional configurations.
The power supply also has the very useful active PFC (Power Factor Correction), which lowers the angle of phase shift φ between the power received from the network - called apparent - and the active one which represents the effective work, thus reducing the component of reactive power that springs from the connection of an inductive load to an AC power supply line. In practical terms, the power consumption is significantly reduced and, in addition, the device performs automatic adaptation of the mains tension of the geographic area of use. These characteristics make the range particularly interesting for the typical demands in the professional audio sector: power, light weights and high performance (therefore low consumption).

All the Digital Technology Series amplifiers are equipped with an integrated controlled system which protects both the amplifier and its load. The signal is constantly monitored with a level control and indication through a LED on the front panel. An in-built limiter protects the loudspeakers from any damage caused by distortion signals. As far as temperature is concerned, the control system maintains the necessary conditions for the correct working of the power components. The output signal control protects the load from high current values or from the presence of potential DC components. Last but not least, the modern approach that led to the production of new models is based on constant gain (and no longer constant sensitivity), which allows the presetting of the processor independently of the power of the used amplifiers (in actual fact the value of the limiter for the presets is based on gain). This gain can be set externally from 26 dB to 44 dB with steps of 3 dB. The lower the gain, the lower the background noise, with a high signal required upon input to supply the declared power; the higher the gain selection, the greater the background noise: at 44 dB the noise will have risen by about 15 dB. In other words: in the case of highly professional mixers (which can allow signal distribution even in the order of 20 dBu), the background noise of the speakers can be significantly reduced, thus decreasing the gain of the amplifiers.
It is ideal for those applications where silence is essential, e.g. in theatres and conference halls.

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