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All the new X-Treme self-powered speakers are equipped with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that has a 24 bit audio resolution and 96 kHz sampling frequency.
Via UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cat. 5 cable and RJ45 plugs, the XT-NET network allows the owner to create a daisy-chain connection of any number of speakers and to interface directly with them via PC (there is a special adapter for this purpose - XT- NETINT - which enables the user to move from the network cable to USB or RS232 ports). The control software, which is intuitive and user friendly, thanks to a strong use of colours (see screenshot), permits the user to perform a series of audio interventions and to monitor the temperature of the amplifiers.
Several operations can be carried out on the reproduced sound, which can be heard in real time and can be directly verified on the frequency response graph, thanks to an eight band parametric equalizer (the curves can be traced directly with the mouse on the frequency response diagram), cut of the band boundaries, 2 shelving filters, gains, delays and mute, switch-on and auto-switch off functions. Another two graphs plot the log of the temperature status and any interventions of self-protection that might occur within the amplifiers. Finally, the crossover filters and limiters can be preset and updated using the same software, by loading a file issued by X-Treme Audio.

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